Material Handling

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Installing GESi technology allows you to continue to use all of your existing vehicles, while still drastically taking away harmful emissions and adding sound attenuation.

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Our equipment is designed to fit nearly any material handling vehicle, for any application. They’re ideal for tow motors that run intermittently, as they reach operating efficiency within 9 seconds of start-up. Their stainless steel construction is built for longevity, and ensures the best in emissions reduction and sound attenuation. A GESI can also lower your heating and cooling costs by reducing the amount of air exchange required in enclosed areas.


Ideal for enclosed areas where air quality for workers is a concern, such as warehouses and factories. Also good for outdoor use and for material handling vehicles, tow motors, fork lifts. Works on lean-burn or rich burn engines: Gasoline engine, natural gas, propane, bio-fuels and diesel engines.

Technical notes

  • Made from low carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on application
  • Can be recycled to recover up to 20% of original cost
  • Direct bolt-on replacement of original manufacturer equipment for all makes and models
  • Performance guaranteed when operated within engine manufacturer’s specification
  • Achieve up to a 99% reduction of CO, NOx and HC depending on fuel type, engine size and engine maintenance.

Application Test Results


  • Bolt and gasket kit
  • Integrated Silencer
  • High Performance Integrated Silencer
  • Vapor drain valve
  • Flex Connector Kit


"Caledon Propane Est., is one of the largest suppliers of propane for material handling equipment in Ontario. With a GESi® unit, a forklift becomes a giant hairdryer in terms of emissions. It actually produces oxygen as part of the process." Craig Engel President & CEO Caledon Propane Est.