Power Generation

Photo of a large generator with the GESi logo

We also offer a line of products that extend the life of your generator, and reduce the emission on systems under 400kW and over 400kW.

The leading emission control technology that reduces smog and greenhouse gas emissions more about GESi »


By extending your generator’s usage, you increase the return on your investment. Peak-load generators can operate continuously, with constant sound attenuation and emissions control.

A GESi is designed to fit any engine size and type, and can reach operating efficiency within 9 seconds of engine startup.


  • We have models available for indoor or outdoor use, and above and below 400kW
  • Works on lean-burn or rich-burn engines: gasoline, natural gas, propane, biofuel and diesel engines
  • May be built with removable cores
  • Improve energy utilization by allowing extended generator operation to augment your building's heat.

Technical notes

  • Made from low carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on application
  • Can be recycled to recover up to 20% of original cost
  • Direct bolt-on replacement of original manufacturer equipment for all makes and models, when ordered with or without integrated silencer
  • Performance guaranteed when operated within engine manufacturer’s specification
  • Achieve up to a 99% reduction of CO, NOx and HC depending on fuel type, engine size and engine maintenance.

Application Test Results



  • Bolt and gasket kit
  • High performance integrated silencer
  • Vapor drain valve
  • Flex connector kit
  • Vibration dampening kit
  • Particulate traps for diesel engines


"Our trucks used to smoke at start up religiously now there is really nothing when you start up. Now we can clearly make a statement that our emissions are next to zero."

Kerry Leger
Manager, Camera Cars
William F. White