Photo of car racing down highway with the GESi logo

A GESi can be custom installed into almost any single or fleet of cars, buses, trucks, off-road vehicles, and maintenance vehicles.

The leading emission control technology that reduces smog and greenhouse gas emissions more about GESi »


Our vehicle models are available for any exhaust size and can reach operating efficiency within 9 seconds of startup. Both passengers and drivers are safe from harmful emissions and noise, as hydrocarbons (HC),carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are removed before they can enter the cabin. Our flow capacity prevents back pressure to maintain maximum horsepower.


  • Perfect for single or fleets of school buses, cars, trucks and off-road vehicles
  • Works on lean-burn or rich burn engines: gasoline, natural gas, propane, bio-fuel and diesel engines.

Technical notes

  • Made from low carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on application
  • Can be recycled to recover up to 20% of original cost
  • Direct bolt-on replacement of original manufacturer equipment for all makes and models
  • Performance guaranteed when operated within engine manufacturer’s specification
  • Achieve up to a 99% reduction of CO, NOx and HC depending on fuel type, engine size and engine maintenance.


Particulate traps for diesel engines


"As a leader within Durham Region in the Taxi and Limousine service, we at Blueline believe that it is our responsibility to minimize the environmental footprint of our business. The resulting emission reduction in our test was significant and as a result, Blue Line Taxi is working with Global Emissions Systems to retrofit our entire fleet."

Roy Williams
Blue Line Taxi